Monday, August 08, 2005

Moving right along

I know I haven't posted anything about my husband's progess since his heart surgery, so just a quick blurb here. He's doing amazing! As terrible of a thing that it was for him, it needed to happen so that he could start to live a healthier life again. Heck, dying for 18 minutes and being lucky enough to have two doctors become your heart and lungs for that time, then coming back to consciousness and having no damage to brain or heart, is a miracle. We both thank the fates that be for keeping him alive and strong.

Now, on to business. My fantasy, Beyond the Faerie Realm, is garnering some interest with a couple of agents. My fingers are crossed that one of them will like the partial enough to ask for the full manuscript. Just having them ask for a partial blows my mind. You know, like the Academy Awards, "It was just an honour to be nominated."

Seriously, I have no doubt I'll get an agent and publisher one day. It's like when I met my husband. It was a sure thing, 100% guaranteed that we were meant to be together, and here we are...together. I have no doubt where my career will go, it's just a matter of having the patience. Curses, it's what I was put on this earth to learn this lifetime around, I'm sure. PATIENCE. (gritting teeth and digging fingernails in palms)

In the meantime, things are moving right along (hence the title of this post). I keep writing, promoting the one book I do have published, and trying to find a home for my other two manuscripts.

Have a great summer