Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Wow Factor

Wow. I have my first deadline.

Up until now I've written on a loose schedule, never having a reason to write other than the urge that drives me to create. Sporadic, maybe, but I managed to complete 5 manuscripts, get a good start on 2 others and write a few short stories. I lived through the drawer full (and I do mean full) of rejection slips and make it through the typical writer's lack of confidence. After the usual process of submitting my manuscripts and waiting for another rejection (or not), I've had 4 of my manuscripts published.

Well, Crescent Moon Press, publisher of my book, A Witch's Lament, loved the book so much they contracted me to write the sequel. I was expecting to write the book and submit for acceptance, but they sent me a contract to sign. How cool! They trust in me and my writing enough to give me a contract on a book that hasn't been written yet. Wow. I'm thrilled.

Now, I have no choice. If I want to finish the manuscript in time, I have to write every day and I have to say, I'm kind of enjoying the pressure. I love to write but have a terrible habit of procrastinating...the goats can be a very tempting time waster. Especially in the nice weather.

Writing every day makes it easier to keep in the mood and up to date on what's going on in the story, so I think it makes for a more even flow.

Anyway, gotta go...I've got a book to write. :-)