Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seasons Greetings!

Do you ever have a song play itself in your mind over and over again? It's actually a regular occurrence for me, some kind of OCD I'm sure. :-) I can remember the words for songs I haven't heard in years and my husband can always get me going by repeating two or three words of a song and then I have no choice but to finish the sentence. Then I'm stuck for the day repeating the song in my mind.

Anyway, today's song went like this:

It's the most wonderful time of the year
With the kids jingle-belling
And everyone telling you, Be of Good Cheer
It's the most wonderful time of the year
It's the hap-happiest season of all...

Well, you get the idea.  I know the reason for the season has historically been to celebrate the birth of Christ, but with today's varied belief systems, that is not always the case. I think that no matter what you believe it's not a bad thing to take a portion of the year to celebrate the spirit of giving to others, and caring, not only for loved ones, but for strangers as well. Smile at your waitress, open a door for someone, pay for someone's coffee at the coffeeshop when they realize they don't have any money and the debit machine isn't working. Small things, maybe, but if you do it for a few weeks over the holiday season, who knows, it might become a part of your daily routine. Wouldn't that be a nice world to live in?

I guess what I'm saying is whether you're celebrating the birth of Christ, or just into the whole gift-giving, holiday visiting routine, why not let Christmas be the happiest season of all, the most wonderful time of the year? What's wrong with that? You shouldn't have to believe in Christ to want to be cheerful and help others.

Spread the joy. Love your neighbor. Be Happy.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 23, 2009

This is just too funny!

Small Beer Press makes a great parody of the whole Harlequin Horizons fiasco. I laughed so hard that I decided to post a link for others to follow and have a good laugh for the day.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Velicicon 2010

Okay, this is unprecedented...two blog entries in one day. But this subject matter warrants an extra entry. Please read the following:

Velocicon developed from the need for new tools in the paranormal, fantasy and science fiction writing industry. Velocicon will give you the means to take your story ideas out of this world and to the next level.
Dr. Dave Goldberg, keynote speaker for Velocicon 2010, is an Astrophysicist and associate professor from Princeton and Drexel. He will discuss the scientific reality of time travel. He’ll also be available for panel questions later in the day. What an awesome way to get your time travel off the ground and give it a new twist. What an awesome way to fire up you imagination.
We’ll have ghost hunters from TV with all their equipment. They go over a point by point explanation of their technique and equipment. Everything you ever wanted to know and had nowhere to go with your questions.
Barbara E. Szafranski, a celebrated medium and aura specialist will give a workshop explaining her science and customizing her presentation to your questions.
Finally we have a host of multi Award Winning Authors; Judy McCoy, John Grant, Isabo Kelly, Leanna Renee Hieber, who will bring it all together for you. Show you how to take all this new information, build on it and weave it into your story.
This is a conference like no other. This is Velocicon and we hope you can join us, March 6th at the Oyster Point Hotel in Red Bank New Jersey.


Marketing-What works for you?

I love to write. I hate to market.

I admit it, I could easily be a hermit. Heck, I'm already half-way there as it is. The best day is one where I don't have to leave home. I can write, spend time with my animals, go for a walk in the woods, clean the barn, lug some straw and hay...there's always something to do on a farm. When I do go to work, it's part-time on a goat farm where I spend more time with the animals than the people. Ahhh, the good life. :-)

So, what I'm getting at is that for me writing is the easy part of the equation. When it comes to marketing my books..."What do you mean I have to talk to people? Interact with them on a regular basis. Oh, no." (picture me clutching my head in my hands and shaking it).

Okay, I'm exaggerating slightly, but the truth is just as hard to take. Where do you begin? What even works these days. So many avenues are available that it's mind boggling to even figure out where to spend your time and money. EVERYONE seems to be sending out e-mail blasts, newsletters, etc. I think it's been overdone to death and people are fed up with receiving so many e-mails in the course of a day that they end up deleting a lot of them unread. Newspaper advertising might work locally, but that's not where you'll make your money. Google ads, facebook ads, social sites everywhere you look. Yahoo and google writing groups, but from what I can see everyone else is there to sell their books, as well. Yikes, it's mind boggling.

As every other published author who'd like to see their book sales soar, I've spent money, time, energy, and done a ton of research with minor results. So what really works?

Here is a very interesting link that deals quite succinctly with marketing and promotion

So, why not share what works for you and your books.

Have a great day,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Free Short Story

Just a short note to let you know that my publisher, Crescent Moon Press, has posted one of my short stories on their website as a free read. The story is titled, A Lifetime to Love
and is my take on the Queen Guinevere and Sir Lancelot love story...with a twist. :-)

This is the link that will take you directly to the story:

While there, why not browse some of the books offered in the Shoppe. If you haven't read my latest, A Witch's Lament, you'll find it offered for sale as well.

Have a great day,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What to write?

That is the question. You'd think that being a writer, I'd find it easy to write a blog entry. The thing is, I can never think of anything to write. I open my blog, look at the blank page and have nothing to say.

Isn't that awful?

The thing is, I have a million stories rolling around in my mind and not nearly enough time to write them, so why can't I write a simple blog entry? Hmmm, I suppose that I function better in a fictional world. I can create, mold, shape and bring to life characters and places, but ask me to talk (write) about something real and I can't quite seem to shift into that gear.

So, since my brain doesn't seem to want to work today and I feel the need to give you some worthy tidbit of information, I'll let someone else do the work. Check out this site for some basic and interesting mythbusting information on writing and publishing.

Have a great night,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guest Author at Romance Junkies

Take a minute to check out the link below and see what I wrote over at Romance Junkies.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Wow Factor

Wow. I have my first deadline.

Up until now I've written on a loose schedule, never having a reason to write other than the urge that drives me to create. Sporadic, maybe, but I managed to complete 5 manuscripts, get a good start on 2 others and write a few short stories. I lived through the drawer full (and I do mean full) of rejection slips and make it through the typical writer's lack of confidence. After the usual process of submitting my manuscripts and waiting for another rejection (or not), I've had 4 of my manuscripts published.

Well, Crescent Moon Press, publisher of my book, A Witch's Lament, loved the book so much they contracted me to write the sequel. I was expecting to write the book and submit for acceptance, but they sent me a contract to sign. How cool! They trust in me and my writing enough to give me a contract on a book that hasn't been written yet. Wow. I'm thrilled.

Now, I have no choice. If I want to finish the manuscript in time, I have to write every day and I have to say, I'm kind of enjoying the pressure. I love to write but have a terrible habit of procrastinating...the goats can be a very tempting time waster. Especially in the nice weather.

Writing every day makes it easier to keep in the mood and up to date on what's going on in the story, so I think it makes for a more even flow.

Anyway, gotta go...I've got a book to write. :-)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Barbara Bretton loves my book!

Yep, it's the truth. I was fortunate enough to win a critique from Barbara Bretton at an auction a few years ago. At the time, my manuscript was titled Sweet Dreams in a Small Town, and upon reading the first 3 chapters, Barbara sent me the most amazing critique. It was a time when her encouragement and positive comments were appreciated and needed.

It took awhile and a couple of other manuscripts written before I was able to find a publisher for the manuscript. With a new title of Solitary Cove, my book is soon to be published by Treble Heart Books and Barbara Bretton agreed to write a blurb for the book. This is what she wrote about Solitary Cove:

If you love fast-paced romantic suspense novels peopled withcharacters you’ll cheer for, SOLITARY COVE is the bookfor you. A seaside village in Nova Scotia, a movie hero witha daughter he barely knows, and a woman on the run fromdanger equal the perfect formula for a terrific read. Catherine Anne Collins has a winner on her hands!

Award Winning Author
Barbara Bretton

For anyone who hasn't read any of Barbara's book...what are you waiting for? She's a great writer and I especially love her new series that takes place in a magical town populated with an interesting assortment of characters. Casting Spells is the first book in the series while the second one, Laced with Magic, will be released very soon.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Solitary Cove Cover

My soon too be released book now has a cover and I love it. Solitary Cove is a romantic suspense that takes place in a small (mythical) town in Nova Scotia, Canada, and will be released by Treble Heart Books. I've posted a blurb and the cover below.

Solitary Cove

Stalked relentlessly by her husband's killer, Nicole changes her name and moves to Solitary Cove, a small town on the coast of Nova Scotia. Aware that danger lurks in the shadows for anyone she cares about, Nicole rents the local lighthouse and spends her time writing and avoiding people.
An aging movie star, Ian has a life filled with fame, fortune, and women. He loves the fame and fortune, but the constant women have worn thin. Cynicism and boredom creep into his life, and he develops a problem that chips away at his self-confidence—he can no longer perform sexually.
Coming together during the filming of Ian's latest movie in Solitary Cove, Ian and Nicole's uncertain relationship is tested by the appearance of Ian's daughter, Vanessa, who has fled her abusive marriage, as well as Nicole's stalker who appears in town renewing his death threats against Nicole.
Throw into the mix, a crusty fisherman, a flaky new age storeowner and a heroic dog, and Solitary Cove weaves a tale of love, self-discovery, suspense, and self-sacrifice.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Where's the summer?

Yep. That's the question. It's now July and I'm still waiting for some summer weather. Oh, well. Always think of the positive side of everything...sitting inside and writing on a rainy day is ALOT easier than it is on a sunny day and I managed to complete a scene that has been giving me nothing but trouble, so I'm happy.

Here's a photo of one of my guys. I thought since the weather is almost wintery out...Actually, he's just so cute, I couldn't resist.
Have a great day,

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Plans

Good day, and what a beautiful day it's been. A bit of rain, but warm enough temps and some sun to brighten the day. I love the sun. I love being warm. I do love summer.

Does it sound as if I'm in a good mood? I am. I've spent the last 6 months working 2 part-time jobs as well as helping my husband run our business and trying to find time to market my two newest releases and do some work on my current WIP. On top of that, I have some very demanding goats who need ALOT of attention. Anyway, both part-time jobs have come to an end. One for reasons of retirement and the other, because the kidding season (goats) has come to an end, thusly ending my job. Now, I'll miss the extra money, no doubt about it, but having the free time to write is thrilling.

I've set myself a goal; by the end of the summer I'll have completed the sequel to one of my latest releases, A Witch's Lament. My publisher, Crescent Moon Press, has expressed an interest, (they seem to love A Witch's Lament), and I did leave the story at the end with the possibility of a sequel.

So, it's time to do some serious writing. Lucky for me, I'm able to take my laptop and write outside in the gorgeous weather. I just need to stay away from the goats or they'll be all over my laptop...just helping, you understand. One of their most endearing characteristics is their willingness

Have a great day,Catherine

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I didn't remember writing this!

I was clearing some files off my computer and came across this page of ramblings that I wrote about 4 years ago. Until I read the words, I'd totally forgotten even writing them. Since this reflects my state of mind at that moment, I've left it unedited and unchanged. As you read, please keep in mind that I wasn't worried about grammar, spelling...nothing but putting my thoughts and feelings onto, I mean, onto a computer.

Now, if I could only look through some old files and find a manuscript I forgot about that's brilliantly written and becomes a NY Times bestseller. :-)



I am not a guinea pig.
So don't use me as one to test unsafe products, not caring what effect it may have on my health, caring only about how many millions of dollars the product might bring you. Stop poisoning the air I breathe, the water I drink and the food I eat.

I am not a receptacle.
So don't fill my body with insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals and toxins that will shorten my life and degrade the quality of that shorter life. Stop poisoning the air I breathe, the water I drink and the food I eat.

I am not a drug addict.
So stop prescribing drugs for EVERYTHING and telling me that they are safe when we all know that ten or fifteen years down the road my organs will suffer and the side-effects will probably harm me more than the original health problem would have. When appropriate, advocate the use of natural herbs and remedies that have been around (and worked) for thousands of years. Stop poisoning me.


I am environmentally concerned.
So stop letting the oil companies have a say in governmental decisions. Allow the knowledge of alternative fuels and ways to power vehicles into the public forum so that people can HAVE A CHOICE.

I am spiritual.
No, not religious, spiritual. Religion is a man-made concept with limitations and prejudices. At the root of each religion are the values of love, respect, peace and harmony. This is a Universal law. This is the foundation of mankind. Assigning a name, gender and physical attributes are a human concept placed on an energy force we do not even begin to understand. I say we do not understand because of the world-wide religious based hate and killing. If we truly understood what we call God, and allowed for various interpretations of this Universal energy, there would be no hate. No killing. No war. We have a long way to go. The essence of man is the essence of God, Buddha, Allah, the Goddess…however you refer to your Supreme Being. This energy force is in all of us, everywhere, and as energy is able to change form, so is this Universal energy that binds us all together. Don't limit what you don't understand. Love. Respect. Peace. Harmony. Live by those laws and your god will flourish. Mankind will flourish.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist

Woohoo! Good news for me. I entered The Crystal of Light and A Witch's Lament in the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Publishers Awards and they both finished as finalists. In fact, A Witch's Lament was a finalist in two categories. It's a great feeling to have my writing recognized in such a way...of course, mega sales of my books would be kind of nice as well. :-)

Have a great day--I am,

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring Has Arrived

But it certainly doesn't look like spring as I look out my window at a winter wonderland. Oh, well, I know it can't last. A few more days and the rain will send all the snow into the netherworld where it will dwell until next winter. In the meantime, I can pretend that it's sunny and warm.

While waiting for the first brush of spring to turn the grass green and push the shoots of young flowers through the soil, I'm busy promoting my two newest books. Check out this link to the books page on my website to see what I've got for you to read. I'm sure you'll find something to suit your taste.

I'd also like to introduce you to the newest members of our growing animal farm. Pixie, Lightning and Timber.

Pixie was the tiniest kid I'd seen of the over 800 born during the first weeks on the goat farm where I work. He used to stare at me constantly and I just couldn't imagine the poor guy going to the auction to be bought for meat, soooooo, I brought him home. Of course, I couldn't bring him home alone, all my other goats are too big for him to be with for awhile. I decided that Lightning with his airplane ears would make a great buddy for Pixie. I didn't realize until I saw them together that if Pixie was the smallest kid, Lightning had to be one of the biggest. He stood twice as tall and weighed twice as much as little Pixie. Oh, well, they get along great.
Now, raising my goat herd to 7 goats means I have more to worry about when it comes to coyotes. That's where Timber comes in. A Livestock Guardian Dog, Timber's job is to guard all my guys against predators. He lives with the goats and has been amazing at pushing all coyotes back from our home and barn. Where once we would see coyote tracks in our front yard, we now can only hear them howling way off in the distance. Poor Timber spends half the night barking and patrolling the property to keep the coyotes away, which means he spends a good part of the day sleeping. I guarantee I won't be without one of these LGD's ever again.
See you later,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's official. My newest novel is now available for purchase. That makes two in the last month. Five years have passed since my last book was published so it seems strange to have 2 published so close together. And a 3rd one coming later this year. I can now claim to be a multi-published author. I like the sounds of that, but I think a NY Times best-selling author has a nice ring to it as well. I'll have to work on that one.

Even though these two books are quite different, I enjoyed writing them both and hope my readers will enjoy them as well.

The Crystal of Light is a fantasy, while A Witch's Lament is a paranormal romance. I'm showing the covers for both of them below and information as well as links to buy them can be found on my website

The Crystal of Light

A Witch's Lament

I love the covers on both these books. The cover artist for The Crystal of Light is Richard Stroud and the cover artist for A Witch's Lament is Kendra Egert.
Now comes the marketing and promoting aspect of the whole writing process. Living way out here in the country means I'll have to build a strong on-line presence, so if anyone has any ideas don't hesitate to pass them on. I'll take any help or advice I can get when it comes to the promotion of my books.
Talk to you later,

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm baaaaack

Yes, looking at the date of my last post, you'll see that it's been a very long time since I've posted. Life has been...well, hectic, crazy, in a state of flux. Some good, some not so good. Suffice it to say that right now, things are very good. My life long dream of living on a farm finally became a reality. We now live on a 50 acre farm with a bungalow type house that sits in the middle of a cedar grove. Our long, winding driveway is lined on both sides with hayfields and there is a huge barn and smaller barn out the back that I can see from my kitchen window.

As a house-warming gift someone gave us a couple of baby goats. Goats, you say...why the heck would anyone want a goat. I would have thought the same thing, but now I'm totally hooked and in love. They were only a week old, cute and so very tiny. After bottle-feeding and loving them like crazy, they've become great pets. When given affection, goats are lovable, cuddly, affectionate and smarter than you'd give them credit for. They have the reasoning ability of a 7 year old and they are trainable. My guys come when they're called better than my dog does. You should see them come running at full speed when I call them. Anyway, I started with 2 and now have 5. Moonbeam, Joey, Merlin, Rebel and Snowflake. I'll post some photos of them.

On to business. Writing business. Drum roll, please. I have three books being published this year. Yaaaayyyy!!!

The Crystal of Light - Published by Wings ePress
A Witch's Lament - Coming soon with Crescent Moon Press (anytime now)
Solitary Cove - Coming soon with Treble Heart Books

If you check my website you can find out more about each of the books.

It seems strange that so much time has passed since my first book was published and suddenly things are getting shaken up. I guess the important thing to do is to keep writing and keep the positive energy moving the right direction.

That's just a quick update, but I'll start posting on a more regular basis with any news, updates, or interesting tidbits of information to share.

Talk to you soon,