Saturday, July 18, 2009

Barbara Bretton loves my book!

Yep, it's the truth. I was fortunate enough to win a critique from Barbara Bretton at an auction a few years ago. At the time, my manuscript was titled Sweet Dreams in a Small Town, and upon reading the first 3 chapters, Barbara sent me the most amazing critique. It was a time when her encouragement and positive comments were appreciated and needed.

It took awhile and a couple of other manuscripts written before I was able to find a publisher for the manuscript. With a new title of Solitary Cove, my book is soon to be published by Treble Heart Books and Barbara Bretton agreed to write a blurb for the book. This is what she wrote about Solitary Cove:

If you love fast-paced romantic suspense novels peopled withcharacters you’ll cheer for, SOLITARY COVE is the bookfor you. A seaside village in Nova Scotia, a movie hero witha daughter he barely knows, and a woman on the run fromdanger equal the perfect formula for a terrific read. Catherine Anne Collins has a winner on her hands!

Award Winning Author
Barbara Bretton

For anyone who hasn't read any of Barbara's book...what are you waiting for? She's a great writer and I especially love her new series that takes place in a magical town populated with an interesting assortment of characters. Casting Spells is the first book in the series while the second one, Laced with Magic, will be released very soon.

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