Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Solitary Cove Cover

My soon too be released book now has a cover and I love it. Solitary Cove is a romantic suspense that takes place in a small (mythical) town in Nova Scotia, Canada, and will be released by Treble Heart Books. I've posted a blurb and the cover below.

Solitary Cove

Stalked relentlessly by her husband's killer, Nicole changes her name and moves to Solitary Cove, a small town on the coast of Nova Scotia. Aware that danger lurks in the shadows for anyone she cares about, Nicole rents the local lighthouse and spends her time writing and avoiding people.
An aging movie star, Ian has a life filled with fame, fortune, and women. He loves the fame and fortune, but the constant women have worn thin. Cynicism and boredom creep into his life, and he develops a problem that chips away at his self-confidence—he can no longer perform sexually.
Coming together during the filming of Ian's latest movie in Solitary Cove, Ian and Nicole's uncertain relationship is tested by the appearance of Ian's daughter, Vanessa, who has fled her abusive marriage, as well as Nicole's stalker who appears in town renewing his death threats against Nicole.
Throw into the mix, a crusty fisherman, a flaky new age storeowner and a heroic dog, and Solitary Cove weaves a tale of love, self-discovery, suspense, and self-sacrifice.

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