Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Plans

Good day, and what a beautiful day it's been. A bit of rain, but warm enough temps and some sun to brighten the day. I love the sun. I love being warm. I do love summer.

Does it sound as if I'm in a good mood? I am. I've spent the last 6 months working 2 part-time jobs as well as helping my husband run our business and trying to find time to market my two newest releases and do some work on my current WIP. On top of that, I have some very demanding goats who need ALOT of attention. Anyway, both part-time jobs have come to an end. One for reasons of retirement and the other, because the kidding season (goats) has come to an end, thusly ending my job. Now, I'll miss the extra money, no doubt about it, but having the free time to write is thrilling.

I've set myself a goal; by the end of the summer I'll have completed the sequel to one of my latest releases, A Witch's Lament. My publisher, Crescent Moon Press, has expressed an interest, (they seem to love A Witch's Lament), and I did leave the story at the end with the possibility of a sequel.

So, it's time to do some serious writing. Lucky for me, I'm able to take my laptop and write outside in the gorgeous weather. I just need to stay away from the goats or they'll be all over my laptop...just helping, you understand. One of their most endearing characteristics is their willingness to...ahem...help.

Have a great day,Catherine

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