Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What to write?

That is the question. You'd think that being a writer, I'd find it easy to write a blog entry. The thing is, I can never think of anything to write. I open my blog, look at the blank page and have nothing to say.

Isn't that awful?

The thing is, I have a million stories rolling around in my mind and not nearly enough time to write them, so why can't I write a simple blog entry? Hmmm, I suppose that I function better in a fictional world. I can create, mold, shape and bring to life characters and places, but ask me to talk (write) about something real and I can't quite seem to shift into that gear.

So, since my brain doesn't seem to want to work today and I feel the need to give you some worthy tidbit of information, I'll let someone else do the work. Check out this site for some basic and interesting mythbusting information on writing and publishing.


Have a great night,

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