Monday, May 16, 2011

New Releases

Hello, people. Thanks for visiting my blog. Again, it's been awhile since my last post. *hangs head in shame* There's so much news I don't know where to begin. I'll start with the best news...I have 2 new releases. Yayyy! It's taken longer than I would have liked getting them to this point, but they are finally available in print and e-book.

A Witch's Legacy, sequel to A Witch's Lament, is the first sequel I've written and I found it difficult to stay focused on the story. With so many other characters and idea racing around in my mind, I don't think I'll be writing another sequel. But, hey, who knows.

I recently visited Salem, Massachussetts for a writers conference. Since this is the setting for both books and A Witch's Legacy is just released, the timing was perfect. If you'd like to read about my ghostly encounters check Hannah Howell's blog on June 6th and you'll get the lowdown.

Solitary Cove is my one and only contemporary novel. No ghosts, magic, paranormal wanderings into another realm. Nope. Just romantic suspense. Again, not something I'm sure I'll attempt again, but it was a story I wanted to I did. :-)  For those who have heard of, or read, Barbara Bretton (a wonderful writer) she was gracious enough to give me an author blurb for Solitary Cove. And because I love what she said so much, I'll post it below for you to read.

If you love fast-paced romantic suspense novels peopled with characters you'll cheer for, SOLITARY COVE is the book for you. A seaside village in Nova Scotia, a movie hero with a daughter he barely knows, and a woman on the run from danger equal the perfect formula for a terrific read. Catherine Anne Collins has a winner on her hands!
So how's that for a great blurb from a USA Today Bestselling Author. I'm happy. See me smiling :-)

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Keep checking back, there's more news and great stuff to come.

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