Monday, March 21, 2005

Bouncing back from rejection

Yes, I know, more about rejection. But this is good news...kind of. That same rejection letter I talked about in my previous post frustrated me enough to say, "Okay, what have I got to lose?" So, I sent a letter back to John Morgan of ROC books to thank him for his quick response and helpful advice. Both of which I really did appreciate. I then asked if he'd have a second look at my work if I edited it based on his advice and trimmed it down to one book rather than the two I had been planning? Low and behold, (I know, cliche, but it works here,) he wrote me back and said he'd be happy to have another look at my work.

AHHHHH. His reply was hand-written on an index card obviously from his desk because his name was stamped at the top. Talk about shaking hands. I was getting a second chance. Don't count on those alot or you'll be disappointed. Anyway, I worked furiously over the next few weeks--the main reason I haven't posted anything on my blog--and mailed the revised manuscript to him a few days ago.

It's in his hands now and I know chances are very good that Beyond the Faerie Realm will still get rejected, but there is an upside. My writing showed enough promise to get me that one step closer to a publisher, and I also have a better manuscript because of his helpful advice. So, even if Mr. Morgan rejects my manuscript, I have a publishable product that someone, somewhere, someday, will be interested in publishing.

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