Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Like getting root canal

Remember that lost manuscript that wasn't really lost and was sitting on John Morgan's desk all the while? Well, I received a phone call from the post office yesterday and it turns out they were still looking for my manuscript. My fault, I neglected to let them know I'd been in contact with John Morgan. Anyway, this woman told me she had called his office and found out that John Morgan was no longer with ROC books.

WHAT!!! News to me.

Any calls to his office were being directed to Anne Sowards. The post office woman had no idea the name of my manuscript and wasn't even aware she was inquiring about a parcel by using my married name rather than my maiden name, so I took it upon myself to place a phone call--just to make sure my manuscript really was bouncing around the offices somewhere.

Surprisingly, I made contact directly with Anne Sowards and let her know the situation. She was very approachable and helpful and told me that John Morgan's work had been split between herself and another editor (or two). She checked her pile while I waited on the phone (a very nice thing to do) and when she didn't find my manuscript said she'd inquire right away and let me know.

So, I waited. Only a day though. She was true to her word and e-mailed me the next day to let me know that another editor most assuredly had my manuscript. Thank goodness.

With a sigh of relief and an impatient demeanour, I now sit back, cross my fingers, say a silent prayer, and wait...and wait...

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