Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My dream for today

I have simple tastes...really. I don't need to have obscene amounts of money, or drive around in an amazing car like a BMW Z8 convertible, Viper ACR coupe, Jaguar XKR, or a...ooops, sorry I got carried away for a moment. Okay, maybe I'd like the car, but what I need, and what I've wanted since I was a child old enough to actually remember anything, is my house in the country with a horse, jersey cow, goats, and dogs. Pretty much any animal that needs a home.

I yearn for the whisper of the wind rustling the trees, the freshness of clean air, and even the woody smell of decaying leaves and trees. I live for the day I can wake up to nothing more than the birds singing outside my window instead of the noise from trucks, cars, blasting radios, sirens, lawnmowers and various other electric machines that make too much noise.

How I curse people who think it's cool to have a motorcycle that I swear rivals the blast from an exploding nuclear bomb. Haven't they heard of noise pollution? How do they figure it's okay to intrude on our peace and quiet by revving their way through our neighbourhood. Like we want to have ours ears blasted and meditation interrupted. Jeesh!

So, with visions of a log cabin nestled amidst the calming balm of nature and my phantom animals prancing about my mind, I bid you goodnight.


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