Friday, April 01, 2005

Lost manuscript???

Hi and sorry. You'd think that five minutes a few times a week would be easy to find. Well, guess again. My intentions are to keep my blog updated, but, yikes, life gets in the way.

My latest news about my manuscript, Beyond the Faerie Realm, is that it got lost on the way to John Morgan's office. At least I thought it was lost. Wanting to ensure it arrived quickly and safely (ha!) I sent my manuscript express post. I then proceeded to track the package. One, two...six days later and it still hadn't been delivered. After checking with the post office and finding out that they had no idea what had become of my package, I took a deep breath and made a phone call. I needed to know if my manuscript had arrived. If not, I needed to print another and send it out.

I called John Morgan's office, fully expecting to talk with an assistant, after all, it's a big company, why should he answer his own phones, but I ended up leaving a message on his personal answering machine (service...whatever). I left a brief message asking if he could have someone check into whether my manuscript had arrived (or not), and let me know. Now, when I hung up the phone, I started thinking what a dunce I was to ask him to make a long-distance phone call. I should have said I'd call his office back the next day to see if they'd managed to find out anything. Oh, well, it was too late by that time.

Anyway, within no more than an hour or so, he called me back personally and let me know that my manuscript was right in front of him. I was struck with relief it had arrived and then nervousness at talking person to person with the editor I was trying to impress. But he was really nice. He even told me it might take a while to get to my manuscript and if I was wondering what was going on, I should feel free to call and bug him about it.

Right. Is this the planet earth? Don't these editors have assistants to screen pesky authors? Maybe it's a test. Maybe he wants to see if I will call and bother him. No way. I'm doing nothing to give him any reason to reject me. The rejection I'm sure to get will be because of my work, not anything I've done to tick off the guy in charge.

In the meantime, fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed.

Talk to you soon

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