Saturday, October 22, 2005

It was bound to happen

Yep. With all the books available it's near impossible to write a book that is 100% unique. Familiar plots are reworked, similar names and recognizable terminology used among particular genres. A writer is bound to have some duplication in any book they write. Well, recently I discovered an author I hadn't read before, and, besides an irritating habit of overusing the term began, I'm loving his writing. So, there I was reading away, tuning out the world, ignoring my dog, who was pestering me for attention as usual, when I came across a certain term that shook me from my reading haze.

The Ones Who Came Before.

A simple term with a self-explanatory meaning. Great. And also the exact term I used in my book, Sword Across Time to describe the people of Atlantis. My book was published a year and a half ago, and I'm only now reading this Robert Newcombe book, so there's no way I could have read it and picked up the term to use later. I know it was an original thought on my part.

Now, the question is:
A.) Great minds thinking alike
B.) Coincidence
C.) The result of a Universal consciousness at work re-creating a common memory

I know what I think, but then I write fantasy, so I tend to lean toward the unexplained and esoteric. What do you think.



Bailey said...

I think that without the wonders of the unanswered mysteries of the universe, we'd be living in such sad, unromantic times. I think that sometimes they are the mysteries that drive and motivate me to live life passionately. I feel sorry for the ones who have a black and white answer to boring is that?!

merlinsmuse said...

Hey, Bailey. Yes, I agree with you on this. I feel sorry for people who limit themselves, they have no idea what they're missing. Thank goodness we know what we're doing. :-)